Friday, September 7, 2012

The Week We Were Invaded by Pirates!

We have wrapped up week #4 of our new homeschool year and my youngest has been working hard on telling time, counting money, and place value. 

My older two children did a lot of reading and writing this week. They wrote book reports on Sing Down the Moon and they began rough drafts for a report on William Wilberforce. Sometimes teaching history is really hard. My children have some tough questions like, "Why did people mistreat the Navaho Indians?" "Why did slavery even start in the first place? "Why were masters so cruel to their slaves?" The children just started reading The Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman, and I'm sure we will have more tough conversations as our study of the Civil War progresses. This is another evidence that my children are growing up. They are truly digging into these subjects they are reading about, thinking critically, and wanting to have these tough conversations.

In the far right picture above, my son is using a timeline notebook page which is free over at I am 99.9% certain I found it a couple years ago because the Notebooking Fairy shared it as a resource she found. This week, my older two children used the page to make a timeline of William Wilberforce's life. We have used it a lot for our composer and artist studies as well. It is a great notebook page and I always keep a copy of it in my binder as a master to use to make copies of it as needed.

Some pirates invaded our homeschool this week. My middle daughter wrote a play and she recruited her siblings to be actors and they rehearsed it for a few days and then performed it for their dad. A couple years ago, the children put on a play and to look back at that old post makes me realize how much they've grown. Where have my babies gone?

I'm linking this post up this week with Homegrown Learners. She has a fun Friday Photo Collage and it's a neat way to share what you've done during the week and to get ideas from other home educating families who share as well. Be sure and check her blog out and all the others who link up because you'll be blessed and encouraged!


Homegrown Learners said...

Hi Nikki -- thanks for the shout out about Collage Friday. I learn so much from all the blogs that link each week - I am pinning ideas from them this morning, in fact.

I know what you mean about your children no longer being babies. This is what I've been feeling in my house -- sad in some ways and exciting in others!

Cute pics!

Enjoy your weekend.

Jenn said...

I love that they wrote a play about pirates and performed it! That's so creative and fun:)