Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Children Review "By the Great Horn Spoon!"

My 4th and 5th grader recently finished reading "By the Great Horn Spoon!" by Sid Fleischman and they both really enjoyed it and gave it an excellent rating on their book report form. My daughter said she rated it excellent because the "whole book is great because the people in the story are funny and there is always something going on in the story." My son said, "I really think the people in the book are funny and exciting." 

This is a great book to read while studying the California Gold Rush. While reading this book we did a lot of geography work. We labeled Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA on a U.S. map, and we also took the time to do a lot of geography work studying South America since the characters left Boston and sailed all around the entire continent of South America to get to California. 

Do you like to use literature when teaching history? 

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Unknown said...

We use Sonlight, too! Now I could never imagine teaching History with out literature!!