Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing a Play

My six-year-old daughter wanted to write a play. But, I did not know where to begin. I wanted to give her the freedom to create and express herself, but I also wanted to help support and guide her through her first play writing experience. So, I typed up some things I thought would be topics to discuss, and asked my friend who used to be an English teacher. She gave me some suggestions, and we got to work!

As my daughter and I began discussing the beginning phases of the play, my eight-year-old son wanted to join the writing team! So, his sister is such a sweet little thing, she allowed him in on the action.

The first day we discussed characters, plot, setting, and climax. We also talked about the importance of the play having a beginning, middle, and end.

Our second day of work, we discussed and wrote out the main plot of the play. The children described to me what they wanted and I typed as fast as I could at the keyboard!

Our third day of work we began writing out the actual dialogue. Again, the children narrated and I typed as fast as I could from the keyboard.

On the third day we gathered props, and began rehearsing.

On the fourth day we rehearsed more, and surprised Dad with a performance when he got home! My son made him an admission ticket, my daughter popped some popcorn, and my other daughter showed him his seat in the living room!

The children did a great job, and even gave me a part in their play! Their play is called, "The Three Little Goblins and the Terrified Little Girl." Although it's not the most original play I've ever seen, I was thrilled with their excitement, hard work, and determination to write and perform their first of many (I'm sure) plays!

My husband was very impressed and said he thought the sound effects and the content was quite good! He was surprised the play had as much dialogue as it did, and it was all written by his young children!

Children are so creative, but I often fear we don't give them the liberty they need to explore their creativity. Keep it simple. Have fun. Sit back and enjoy the show!


Shelly said...

that was neat. too bad no video. great idea. both of my kids are very creative in their own ways...

Renae said...

We often act out stories and lessons, but have never created our very own play. What a great idea!

Stephanie said...

Thats so cool. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Jimmie said...

Fabulous! A GREAT hands-on, creative learning activity.