Thursday, July 12, 2012

Momma on a Mission, Day 4

We spent most of the day at home until we had to leave for afternoon piano lessons. The girls enjoyed spending the day with their friend and my boy enjoyed hanging out, playing, and watching things on Netflix that he wanted to watch. I got to work on planning menus, making a grocery list, organized our school bookshelves, and made some Amish friendship bread with one of my girls. It has been a busy day, but also slow-paced (if that even makes sense).

Today is my husband's birthday and this is the 4th year he's been on a mission trip away from home on his birthday, but we still celebrate when he gets home. We've sent him text message birthday wishes, and I even tucked a birthday card in his suitcase before he left. I sure am missing him today.

We are gearing up for our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip tomorrow and I think I have made all the necessary preparations to get it done as quickly as possible so we can continue having fun together.

This week of getting to spend time with my kids is quickly coming to an end and I think we'd all say that we've had a good time hanging out, laughing and making memories together.

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