Friday, August 28, 2009


We are using Artistic Pursuits for our art curriculum this year! Personally I enjoy and appreciate art, but drawing and painting is not a talent I possess. So, I wanted to find a curriculum that would help me teach my children to look at a piece of art with an observant eye, and to be courageous enough to create their own masterpieces! This week we used watercolor paper, watercolor crayons, a paint brush, and water. Simple supplies that allowed the children to use their imaginations and create a special piece all their own! First, the children drew their pictures with a pencil. Then they colored their pictures with special watercolor crayons. When their coloring was complete, they then dipped their paintbrushes in water and gently stroked over their masterpieces to make them look like real paintings.

My son's artwork is pictured above. He calls the piece, "Trolls and Spiders." My daughter's artwork is pictured below. She calls this piece, "Skating on the Moon." The first pictures in the collages were taken once the children were done coloring. The second pictures were taken once they finished their water painting.

What are some of your favorite art projects you've done with your children? How do you like to display your artwork?

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