Monday, August 24, 2009

The Quarter Mile Math ~ TOS Review

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There is a place to input this code on the order forms. This referral code will be good until September 30th!

Update on my son...he has been diligent to keep practicing his math facts using The Quarter Mile Math and has improved immensely with BOTH his math skills and the good habit of focus and concentration! I am thankful and so proud of him! (You'll have to read the review below to understand this update).


We recently received a math practice software program called "The Quarter Mile Math." There are six different versions available. You can click here to read more about the six different products they offer, and click here to learn about the difference between the standard (one time purchase option) and deluxe versions (subscription option). They offer products for children in Kindergarten through 9th grade. The standard products range in price from $39.95 - $89.95. We received the Levels 1, 2, 3 Bundle, Deluxe Version. Again, the deluxe version is a subscription to the software, and these are the subscription options and costs:
  • $2.95 per family per month
  • $19.95 per family per year
  • $34.95 per family for 2 years.
This software program is user-friendly. It is easy to download, enter your child's username, password, and to navigate around the various "races" (math drills) they offer.

Your child will choose what math facts he or she would like to work on. They will then enter into a race. They can choose to race cars or riderless horses. Your child will always be in the far left lane, and he/she will race against his five best previous races. So, this program is a self-competitive and motivating program. There's no comparison to other classmates or siblings. The math problems will flash on the bottom of the screen and your child simply types in the correct answer. I appreciate how the child does NOT have to hit the enter button once they've typed their answer.

This is not a complete math program. It is simply a tool to use to help your children practice their math!

My six-year-old daughter enjoys this program very much. However, this program is not a good fit for my eight-year-old son. He struggles with focus and concentration, and all the colorful racing cars and horses distract him from the math problems at the bottom of the page. All the movement (cars and horses) causes him to get frustrated, which then blocks him from moving forward with the races. We will still use this program with him occasionally; because it will be good practice for him to learn to focus on what he's SUPPOSE to be focusing on, and to learn to block out things that distract him.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to flashcards to help drill your children in their math practice facts, then please check out The Quarter Mile Math! While you're visiting their site, you can watch an informational video, and also download a demo!

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