Monday, January 21, 2008

Scripture Wall

We memorize one Bible Verse each week. We display the verses, as we learn them on our Scripture Wall. The children enjoy watching the rows of verses grow as time passes. It also helps for quick review times!

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Rachel said...

Awesome idea! How old were your children when you started to do this? What translation do you use?

Thanks for visiting my blog and I am SO glad that you were able to find something useful! Homeschool Share is an awesome group of women! I always go to their site but am also a member of the yahoo group, which gives even more ideas! I highly recommend it :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Nikki said...

We've been working on scripture memory since they were about 3-years-old. The two older children are now 5 and 6. Our youngest will be 3 in she is joining us more and more in all our activities:-)

Nikki said...

I forgot to add...we use NIV or NASB translations here:-)