Saturday, January 12, 2008

Care Package Contest

The Heart of the Matter - a brand new online Homeschool magazine is having a contest! I get excited when I hear about contests! Please click on the icon above and go check out this FREE online magazine.

This contest is for a Homeschool Care Package. It is full of wonderful and fun homeschool supplies!

I'm suppose to share here WHY I think I should be the winner of this prize. Honestly, I feel a little silly. I also feel like I'm 18-years-old again and writing to scholarship committees and telling them why I believe I should be the recipient of their scholarship.

So, here it goes!

I am a homeschool mother to three children. We moved to a rural community in May so my husband could accept the call to pastor a church. We are quite lonely here in our homeschool endeavor, because we are the ONLY family in this town who chooses to homeschool. I have not met one other homeschool family (not even at the library, nearest walmart, grocery store, etc...). I know...a big sob story. But, I assure you it is absolutely true.

One other reason I think I should be the WINNER...we just love to get packages in the mail! It would add excitement to our homeschool day. Not just one day...but many days!



Totallyscrappy said...

I'm sure you should win! You NEED that package since you are the ONLY homeschool family in the whole town!!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for you anyday...