Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Slowed Us Down

I shared last week how we had a hard time getting back into the groove around here due to our long road trip to Missouri and back. I was hoping for a smooth and productive week this week, but a storm named Sandy had different plans for our family. I want to be sensitive because other families had it far worse than we did and from what I read in the news, many still don't even have power. However, dealing with rain blowing in your sliding glass basement doors, septic issues (I'll spare you the details), and a leaky roof definitely puts a kink in the homeschooling productivity around here. 

Lauren is trying to find her daddy up in the attic. He was trying to locate the place where the water was coming in. 

Tyler acted as his dad's ladder buddy. It was raining steadily outside, but the wind hadn't picked up much yet so Heath went up to see if he could do anything to keep the water from coming in. We had never had a leaky roof until this storm (which is a common story I am hearing from many in our area).  We were worried about water coming in our basement because we have spent a lot of hours and money down there working to repair things and fix water issues we had. Thankfully, it stayed dry, except for the sliding glass door area, but Heath was able to keep up with it with the shop vac and a fan.

We live on a heavily wooded lot and I love all the shade in the summertime, but it can get a little scary during hurricane season around here.

Even though Sandy slowed us down, I am thankful we got to stay together as a family and my husband was home and able to stay on top of the issues the storm caused.

Do you live in an area that was affected by this storm? If so, how are you doing? Let's keep praying for everyone who is struggling and hurting as a result of this storm. Some have lost homes and property due to fires, flooding, and many are still without power.

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Stacie said...

Glad that you were together as a family and your hubby could be there to take care of things as they happened. I don't envy anyone who had to directly deal with the storm. I live in Wisconsin and all we got from the storm was wind and gale warnings on the lake with high waves. What we got here was minor. It blew all my leaves out of my yard on a good note. My heart breaks though for those that were affected by the storm where the flooding is, electricity is out, houses burned. It's so sad and devastating.