Friday, November 2, 2012

Collage Friday

I almost decided to not do a Collage Friday post because things were a little frazzled around here this week. On Monday and Tuesday, my husband worked from home due to the storm and I was busy trying to prepare for a possible power outage, so we got very little book work accomplished. However, the children enjoyed some extra daddy time, playing guitar hero, and watching "Home Alone" with him. We were very fortunate the storm did not affect our area as much as initially predicted and we are so sad to see and hear of so many who are having such hardships because of the storm. 

I found the children drawing a lot this week and snapped a few pictures. Another thing they are doing is still enjoying the "Choose Your Own Adventure Books." I actually went back to the library to get more because they finished the ones they checked out for themselves last Friday. They even went back and read every possible adventure in the book. My husband and I laughed because we remembered doing that as well when we were kids.

The older two children took a break from the Teaching Textbooks Math this week and ONLY focused on multiplication math facts practice. It's amazing how simply pulling back and taking the extra time to focus on  practice and drill can help. They've both improved so much on their multiplication tables this week. The kids used the wrap-ups and a program we have on our computer called "Math Facts Now."  The children also completed their rough drafts of their Abraham Lincoln reports using A Photobiography of Abraham Lincoln as their source.

Today was payday Friday (which means grocery shopping day). Lately, I've been going out and doing this on my own, but my husband thought it would be fun for us all to go out together. We ate at one of our favorite places - Fuddruckers.

What we're reading:
The older two children are reading Shades of Gray, and we are still reading Across Five Aprils aloud.

The older two children are also participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. I think they both are off to a great start and are enjoying it so far. I want it to be a fun experience for them. Are your children participating in this fun event?

Well, that's our week all wrapped up in some fun photo collages and a few words. How was your week?

I'm linking this post up with Homegrown Learner's fun weekly link-up called "Collage Friday."  I hope you'll hop over and check it out.


Mary Prather said...

I am glad the effects of the storm were minimal for you, Nikki. It sounds like you had a good week - with lots of fun family togetherness!

I am glad you link each week, my friend!

Dawn said...

We love Teaching Textbooks but noticed the same thing about multiplication. We will be taking a break to get the facts drilled in next month.
Blessings, Dawn

Jenn said...

My girls are doing NaNoWriMo this year too:) We'll see how it goes, but they are off to a good start. They love the Choose Your Own Adventure books too:)