Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Back into the Groove

After spending a week in Missouri visiting family and friends, and witnessing my husband's youngest brother marry his best-friend, we are back home trying to get back into the groove of chores and school work around here. Monday was a travelling day and Tuesday we attended a funeral of a precious lady in our church family, and then went grocery shopping. 

On Wednesdays, my husband is home in the mornings with us because he works in the afternoons and evenings that day of the week. So, he and the children had a lot of fun designing our jack-o-lantern and cutting it out. 

When we arrived home from our trip, we found our Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog in the mail. The children love picking out gifts each year to give to the people of Asia. Have you ever heard of Gospel for Asia? If not, then please take a minute to learn about how they use native missionaries to reach and teach the people of their country and how you can help. If you are familiar with this ministry  then let this be a friendly reminder to visit their online Christmas catalog if you didn't receive one in the mail. 

Most of our time on Thursday and Friday, we spent doing math lessons, reading, and the older two children are working on their Abraham Lincoln reports. I snapped a few cute shots of the children reading comics, raking leaves, making potholders (did you make these when you were a kid?), and the girls and I tested out some pedicure and manicure things we'll be using for K's upcoming 10th birthday party next month.

This afternoon (Friday) we enjoyed a trip to the library, a local orchard, and a trip to Sonic's Happy Hour. It's the little things that bring a smile to this momma's face. I purchased some apples so I can make some great crock pot apple butter. Heath and I talked the older two children into checking out some Choose Your Own Adventure books because we loved them as children. Do you remember these books?  L (2nd grader) checked out her first Boxcar Children books today and is already hooked. I read many of these aloud to her brother and sister when she was just a babe and they loved them, but when they were old enough to read them on their own they were not interested because they felt like they already knew all about them.


As I sit and type this my two guys are practicing the worship set for Sunday morning. My son has played an occasional one song at church before, but never an entire set. He is excited. Would you please pray his focus would be on worshiping the Lord and not on receiving the praise of men?

How was your week? As you can see, we had a pretty light schedule due to our week spent travelling. We drove a total of 2,292.16 miles and we stayed at four different family member's homes the six nights we we slept away from our home. On our 7th night, we slept in the van while Heath drove and then I took a turn driving when he couldn't drive anymore. So, now that I type all this out, I think it's okay that we had a very light week.

Books we finished this week:
A Photobiography of Abraham Lincoln
Turn Homeward, Hannalee

Books we will continue or start next week:
Across Five Aprils
Shades of Gray

I'm linking up this week with Collage Friday over at Homegrown Learners. Check it out because it is always a fun and encouraging link-up.


Mary Prather said...

I'm so glad the Boxcar obsession is beginning in your house! Those are great books.

Thanks for linking -- I love reading about your weeks.

Unknown said...

Guess what? My kids have been making potholders this past week in those looms too! LOL I even had to buy them the box of extra "loops"!

Wow! That is a lot of miles! Light school? I think you guys need some ZZZZ after your trip! LOL

Oh, and yes, I'll be spending part of our vacation week planning for our next 7 weeks, but I can do it watching TV or when the kids are playing outside. I already have the portfolios caught up...and a bunch of my planning.

Have a great week!