Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gospel for Asia Christmas Catalog

We found the Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog in our mail when we returned home from our week long trip to Missouri to visit family. Purchasing gifts to bless those in need is one of the highlights of our Christmas celebrations each year. If you didn't get one of these catalogs in the mail, you can view one very easily by visiting Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog online. 

You can purchase gifts from the stable. My son especially loves purchasing pairs of chickens for a family in need for only $11.
You can purchase gifts for the poor such as a biosand water filter for only $30.00.
You can purchase gifts of outreach which will put Bibles in peoples hands or help purchase VBS materials for a child for as little as $5.00.
Finally, you can also purchase gifts for missionaries such as winter clothing and bicycles for $110.00.

When you purchase gifts from Gospel for Asia's Christmas catalog you will "celebrate Christ and transform lives." Wouldn't it be nice to know that the gifts you purchase this Christmas season can make an eternal impact in someones life? Visit Gospel for Asia today and shop for a family in need.

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