Monday, July 16, 2012

Summertime Desserts

I wanted something red, white, and blue for our family's 4th of July celebration. So, instead of making just a strawberry shortcake, I added some blueberries as well. I also baked an angel food cake in a 9x13 pan for the first time and it came out well. I was able to flip the cake out on my large cutting board and cut it into cubes to make sort of a parfait for each of us. My youngest daughter loved getting to put the whipped topping on for me.

Don't forget about watermelon. I always buy seeded watermelons because they always taste better. Want to know a trick my brother taught me about picking a good watermelon at the store? He says to look for the watermelon with the largest yellowish spot on one side because that is evidence that it was vine ripened. When I buy a large seeded watermelon with a good yellowish side, I am never disappointed.

Another benefit to buying seeded watermelons is the seed spitting contests you can have with your family or friends. It's a 4th of July tradition around here.

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Amiee said...

Thanks for the tip on how to choose the best watermelon! I always feel like it is really a gamble whether or not I am going to get a good one :/

Your desserts look delicious!