Sunday, July 15, 2012

Momma on a Mission, Day 6

My husband returned home and while his mission trip to Buffalo, NY is over, I hope my mission here at home will never end. I know I need to intentionally spend more quality time with my children. I get so wrapped up in our school work and household chores and I let those things distract me from truly experiencing JOY with my children on a consistent basis. I want to take more nature walks, cuddle up together with more books, and listen to the famous composers, and just play and laugh.

My husband was away on his birthday, so the children and I surprised him when he came home with some special decorations, his favorite birthday cake, and a gift.

I'm very happy and thankful  to have him back home!

I'm also thankful for the lessons I learned while he was away and I hope to continue to be more intentional about spending time having fun with my children even in the midst of the mundane daily things we need to do together. I want them to look back on their years at home with me and remember a JOYFUL Momma. 

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