Thursday, July 26, 2012

Serving the Lord Together as a Family

This week our family had an opportunity to help an inner city church with their Vacation Bible School and we are so thankful for the time spent there and the relationships we built. My husband led the worship time and helped me teach 6, 7, and 8-year-old children. Our daughters helped out during worship time, my oldest daughter enjoyed helping other children with their craft projects, and my son become fast buddies with one of the boys there. My younger daughter on the way home last night said, "I just didn't make a very good missionary." We asked her why she thought this and she said it was because she never told anyone about Jesus. My husband told her he was so thankful for her willingness to go each night with a great attitude and if she continues to want to serve the Lord in this way, one day, God will give her an opportunity to share Jesus with someone. Sometimes we think we've failed in service to God if we don't share the entire gospel message of Jesus with an individual with our words. I think we often discourage ourselves when we discount what is often called "gospel touches." Gospel touches can be simple and encouraging things that show the love of Christ without speaking a word. Perhaps gospel touches allow us to build relationships first, which earn us the privilege of sharing the Word of Christ with those we've taken the time to reach out and touch with our lives.

Our family always enjoys opportunities like this when we can serve the Lord together as a family. What are some ways you and your family have served the Lord together?


Letha said...

Loved seeing your post! We finished up AWA VBS just a week ago...a wonderful way to serve the Lord with your family. (I'm also a pastor's wife...)
We invited a church who didn't have VBS in their own church to have VBS with us...this church also invited several children and they brought them by van each night. What a joy to share with some of these children Bible Stories and the Gospel message for the very first time!

Nikki said...

I love "meeting" other homeschooling ministry families. :)