Monday, July 30, 2012

Connecting Kids with International Missions

Gospel for Asia makes it interactive, easy, and educational to get children involved in missions. It is important for children to learn about the world around them and know there are people who live and believe differently than they do. Children can pray for the missionaries and people all over Asia, and also give in order to help missionaries and Asian families.

Here are a few ways our children have been involved in helping Gospel for Asia spread the message of Christ.

Last year, our AWANA Club held a competition between the boys and girls to see who could raise the most money so we could buy a a cow for a village. When a Gospel for Asia speaker visited our church, we wheeled in over $1,000 in PENNIES in a wheelbarrow to present to him. Don't worry, we didn't make him take the pennies with him, we wrote him a check instead.

As mentioned, before, inviting a GFA staff person to your church is a great way to help connect children with missions. Here's a quote from the GFA website about this opportunity:
Pastors tell us that church involvement goes up dramatically after having a GFA speaker, who challenges their congregation to live selflessly and with an eternal mindset. The Word of God will come alive as one of our passionate speakers shares with your church.
Our church invited a GFA speaker to come and it was an incredible blessing. He spoke during our worship service, and even spent some time with our children's Sunday school class telling them interesting things about India and some funny and amazing missionary stories. Our church sponsored every child he brought information on and we had to request a few more!

Sponsor a GFA Bridge of Hope Child - Your family can do this for as little as about $1.00 per day! You can write to your child and you may even receive a letter back!

Push the Pedal campaign - A few years ago, our children's Sunday school did this and they raised enough money to buy a bicycle for a native missionary in Asia while they also learned about all God is doing in Asia.

Christmas Catalog - This is probably one of my children's favorite things to do. Like many children, they get money at Christmas time, and they are always excited to spend some of their Christmas money on things like rabbits and chickens for a family in need in Asia.

What are some ways you connect your children with international missions? If you're looking for ways, Gospel for Asia has some great opportunities to help your children learn about missions, pray about missions, and give to missions!


Cari said...

Hi Nikki,
Your Awana group is so awesome and all of us at Gospel for Asia thank God for you!

Cari said...

Hi Nikki,

You and your Awana group are so awesome! All of us at Gospel for Asia praise God for you. Thank you!

Blessings, Cari

Unknown said...

We had the same respresentative speak at our church from Gospel for Asia. Our family picked out a missionary to support that day. My cousin and her husband just left Thursday to be missionaries for a year with Mercy Uganda and we are supporting her also. We are really excited about getting to participate in this way and it kind of gets addictive and makes you want to do more.