Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tennis Camp

This is our family's second year of being involved in a program called Tennis for Kids. This program offers free tennis camps for children and it's a fun way to get kids introduced to the game of tennis. My husband is the site director and I am his assistant. My husband plays tennis pretty well and I don't. I think it's all my years of playing softball because I always want to crush the ball, which causes it to usually go over to the neighboring court or over the fence. However, I am pretty good at encouraging the children and helping maintain order in all the chaos of juggling around 60 + kids on two tennis courts. Our girls really love tennis camp, but our son just wishes his racket would magically turn into a light saber.

What kind of outdoor activities are you up to this summer?


Diane said...

That is very cool that you put on the Tennis Camp at no charge for the kids.

Nikki said...

Hi Diane! We do not put on the tennis camp ourselves, we simply work for a non-profit organization called Tennis for Kids.