Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fresh Start

This blog is going to get a fresh, new start soon. I have "retired" from the TOS Crew and I am really excited about getting to truly share on my blog what I want. There is so much of my life I have wanted to share, but simply did not because I had deadlines to meet with the Crew and just couldn't manage to write personal things AND required things. Some people are much better at juggling multiple things, but after three years on the Crew, I realized I am not very good at that and I need to pull back and FOCUS.

I went on a fabulous 7-day cruise to the Caribbean back in January and I never even wrote about it.

I finished my undergraduate degree in March and will receive my diploma from the University of Missouri in the mail very soon and I never even wrote about it.

My daughter had a piano recital and I never even wrote about it.

My husband and I went on a super fun trip to Niagara Falls and I never even mentioned it on here!

We have had an AMAZING time reading through the "Little House" series and I have shared very little about it.

So...this blog is going to be changing. I am going to to be writing more about ministry life (I am starting to take some courses to be trained as a Biblical counselor), homeschooling, homemaking, and anything and everything else I am excited about and want to share.

I would like to thank those of you who are still following and send me encouraging notes or comments once in a while wondering if I'm okay because I've not been sharing much personal stuff lately. I can't wait to jump back into the blogging community again. I seriously can't imagine homemaking and educating without your encouragement and inspiration.




Homegrown Learners said...

Nikki -- I TOTALLY understand what you mean... this was the end of my time on the crew, too -- and while I enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to blogging more of our lives!

Niagara Falls? We went there two years ago and had a great time! And, congrats on your degree -- and your cruise! You were quite busy between reviews!

Can't wait to read more from you!

Nikki said...

You are always such a sweet encourager, Mary. Thank you so much!

Ammy said...

I just sent my resignation to Kate Friday. I am so overwhelmed with the pregnancy sickness that I felt the Crew was one thing I could let go of for now. She was totally sympathetic and supportive. I hope to go back in a year or so, but my priorities need to be family, homeschool, and housekeeping (ugh on the last one!) Love you, can't wait to catch up soon!

mrsd said...

Good for you Nikki! I had one year on the Crew, and I really enjoyed it, but I look back on my blog for that year, and it is almost all Crew Reviews! Glad to be blogging on more diverse topics again;)