Sunday, February 26, 2012


BeeYouTiful is all about healthy living for the real world, and their goal is to help people live natural and healthy lives. There are helpful articles to read on their website, as well as a store with a variety of products for sale. I received two products to review from this company and will share my experiences with you.

Miracle skin salve contains all natural ingredients and can be used for a wide variety of reasons. Some include diaper rash, sunburn, and chapped lips. A 2oz. container costs $15.00 and a 4oz. container costs $20.00. I took this with me on a 7 day Caribbean cruise back in January. One day my forearms got sunburned while I was out doing some shopping. The burn was so bad that I had tiny blisters. When I went to bed that night I put the miracle skin salve on and when I woke up the redness and blisters looked 80% better. I put more skin salve on the next morning and by that evening I couldn't see any blisters. I was impressed! My youngest daughter has really suffered from dry, cracked lips this winter and this skin salve has worked wonders and way better than any lip balm or chapstick we've ever used in the past. 

I also received the orange lip B.A.L.M (Beeyoutiful All-Natural Lip Moisturizer). These are $3.00 each or if you order 3 or more you can get them for as little as $2.70 each. I was pleased with this product. It has a nice scent and it feels nice on my lips. If you suffer from really dry, cracked lips I would recommend you start out with the miracle skin salve which I shared about earlier and then use the lip balm to maintain your healthy lips.

To order any of these products or learn about all the products Beeyoutiful offers you can visit their website.

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*I received these products free of charge for review purposes only. All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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