Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Late Thanks

Even though I normally post my list of thanks on Mondays and link up over at A Holy Experience, I still wanted to take a moment and post my list today (even if I am a little late).

168) Seeing teenage girl rewarded for hiding God's Word in her heart.

169) Shopping with my two little girls.

170) Trees swaying in the wind.

171) Homeschool Mom's Support Group!

172) First bouquet of daffodils.

173) Little girls' tight hugs that delay Daddy leaving for work.

174) Time with friends


Nicole said...

I still have yet to post my list this week, oh my. I too was able to enjoy daffodils this week, my mom brought a bunch home from a friends garden. Have a blessed week.

Stephanie said...

We have old trees in our neighborhood and I love to watch them blow in the wind... I love the sound too. I'll make your girls some of those hair things just DM me your addy and colors. If I decided to open an etsy store you can advertise for me. :)