Monday, February 7, 2011

Offerings of Thanks

Thank you Father, for these gifts...

27) Little girls wearing flip-flops around the house on a cold winter day.

28) Ice coming and going quickly

29) Strength and patience to take care of a 3rd sick child.

30) Little girl taking piano lessons

31) Birds singing

32) Beautiful sunset seen through the woods

33) New haircut

34) Watching my little boy make his own books.

35) Real mail

36) Healthy family

37) Little girl filled with JOY because she gets to go to the store all by herself with Daddy.


Stephanie said...

You've had sickness too. I'm sorry. I just got Ann's book last week and I'm just on chapter 2. It's so good. So good. I love to read everyone's list too. Such an encouragement. I hope everyone is well at your house soon!

Dianna said...

My first time here to peek into your world. Sorry that you've had sickness there. Loved your list and the information in your profile. It always blesses me to see that others view their children as their ministry. :-) It's oh so important!

Glad that your little girl got to go to the store with her Daddy all by herself.