Monday, January 31, 2011

A Growing List of Gifts

Thank You for these gifts, Lord...

#12 Husband who takes the trash out because he knows I don't like to be cold.

#13 Sleep that takes headaches away.

#14 Husband who strokes hair, hoping to take headache away.

#15 Waking up to surprise snow.

#16 Extra family time.

#17 Exploring the snowy woods with my little ones.

#18 Another snow day

#19 Living in an area that makes being a locavore easier.

#20 Blankets and "Pillow Pets" to help comfort another sick little one.

#21 Snow forts - the hard work of children paying off.

#22 A dryer to dry wet gloves and snow suits so the children can play in the snow twice in one day.

#23 Seeing the victories rather than deprivation.

#24 Hot, steamy drinks to warm the hands and help slow down the moments - relax and enjoy.

#25 Strawberry jam made last summer to enjoy on a cold Winter day.

#26 Tissues softened with lotion

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