Sunday, April 11, 2010

All About Reading - What Am I?

In December, I shared our experience with All About Spelling (Level 1 and 2). In February, I shared our experience with All About Spelling's Reader called the "Beehive Reader." Today, I get to share with you the 2nd reader called "What Am I?" which is a collection of short stories. The Beehive Reader corresponds with All About Spelling's Level One book, and "What Am I?" corresponds with All About Spelling's Level 2 book. I would like to mention that you do not have to use All About Spelling as your spelling program in order to enjoy these well written and illustrated charming readers. They would be a great addition to any child's book shelf.

From the back jacket of the book:

What happens when...
...a boy visits and elf in the Alps?
...a broken robot throws figs?
...a smelly musk ox goes for a swim?
...a family of skunks moves into the shed?
...a bunch of snakes escape their cages?
Find out

This reader will be available sometime this month for $19.95 from the All About Spelling's website. This is a hard bound, 160 page book. It just looks like a book that a "big" reader would read, not a childish/babyish looking reader. This reader was just released on April 1st. It was kind of fun getting it before it's release date! Also, later this year All About Reading will be launched as a new stand alone reading program, or a program to use alongside All About Spelling.

I do not mind saying that the three products I have received from All About Spelling to review for the TOS Crew have been some of my favorites. The reason for this is because they have helped my son immensely! He is a black and white/rules kind of guy! At the beginning of the school year he was a struggling reader. Now when he sees a word he may not know, he quickly recalls the rules he's learned from the All About Spelling program and he can plow right through it! He is a much more confident and happy reader thanks to the All About Spelling program and the delightful readers! If your child thrives with other multi-sensory curriculum, then I encourage you to give All About Spelling a try!

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