Thursday, December 3, 2009

All About Spelling ~ TOS Review

All About Spelling is a multi-sensory, logical, and mastery based spelling program. My 8-year-old son enjoyed spelling words with the magnetic tiles very much. He'd rather spell using the magnetic tiles than put a pencil in his hand any day! Our family received levels one and two of this program. We have almost completed level one, and will soon move on to level two. I'll write more about the program once we've completed both levels. But, so far it has been very good for my 8-year-old son. It has helped me to pull back and get back to a few basics with him. He is learning to truly listen to the words and "segment" them and write down all the sounds he hears, and learning how some letters make more than just one sound. Think about the ch letter combination and how it makes different sounds in church, school, and chef. This can be difficult for a young child to grasp, and many phonics programs teaches children one of these sounds at a time instead of telling them at the beginning that the ch letter combination can make three separate sounds.

Click here to read about all the All About Spelling Products. There is also a brief video found on this page that will cover what you need to order. Above each picture below takes you to a direct link that describes each of the products we received for review through The Old Schoolhouse Crew.

Level One $29.95
Level Two $39.95

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Kela said...

Thank you for stopping by "my place". We have been extra busy. We get the good with the bad. :)

We're still going through level one and taking it slow with all of the other material that we have.

Have a blessed New Year!