Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lot of Learning in the Kitchen

I recently downloaded some pictures and realized a lot of learning takes place in our kitchen!

K explored out in our small wooded area last week and then brought in her collection and made a "bouquet" in our kitchen.

T often reads to me at the bar while I prepare lunch. It's good practice for him, and I'm there to help him if he needs it.

L sits at the kitchen table to do her reading lessons. The "magic" wand helps, I'm sure!

L had a cooking and math lesson in the kitchen today as she cut biscuits in fourths so we could make yummy Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread today for some friends who came over to visit.

K wants to cook once-a-week now. So, she is getting lots of practice with reading and writing as she looks through recipes and makes a list of the ingredients she needs; cooking is also great math practice as you count and measure ingredients. I also believe K is a bit of an artist when it comes to cooking. She wants everything from the main dish to the salad and to the table to look pretty.

We have an area of our house that we call our "school area" but we are seldom there. It is nice for storage, but our learning takes place all over our house - even in the kitchen! What about you and your family? Do you find yourselves in the kitchen learning a lot too?

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