Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Children's Bible Hour Ministries

I received four softcover books with CDs to review for the TOS Crew from Children's Bible Hour Ministries. These books have beautiful water-color illustrations. They are great for read-aloud times, and the CDs are delightful too. I was not familiar with Children's Bible Hour Ministries until I received these books in the mail. Uncle Charlie narrates the stories with excellence, and the children enjoyed listening to him tell all four of these stories. They worked great while I prepared lunch for the children. The children gathered around the kitchen table and my daughter played the role of teacher quite well holding up the book so her "students" could see the pictures!

This set of four books I received is called the Seasons of Faith illustrated picture book series. The stories are adaptations from classic Children's Bible Hour radio scripts.

This is how Children's Bible Hour describes this 4 book set:

The Seasons of Faith illustrated books encourage children to learn about their faith in God. Based on CBH Ministries’ treasure trove of radio scripts, these stories teach core truths of the Bible so that kids can easily apply them to their lives. Each book focuses on a season of faith-developing topics.
You and your children will learn about the importance of forgiving others, going through hard times, and sharing your faith with others. These are grown up truths explained in a way that is powerful and convicting no matter what age you are or how mature you are in Christ! I am thankful to know about Children's Bible Hour Ministries. Each book contains a CD with a recording of Uncle Charlie narrating the story.
Each softcover book retails for $10. A special coupon code (FREESHIPAPR15)for free standard shipping is available to use between March 17th and April 15th if you purchase the ENTIRE 4 book set.
Please go to the TOS Crew Blog if you are interested in reading more reviews. Go to Children's Bible Hour Ministries if you are interested in purchasing one, two, three, or all four books in this set!


Kristi Stephens said...

We grew up with Children's Bible Hour on the radio. :) Good ol' Uncle Charlie...

Nikki said...

Kristi, I guess I grew up in a cave. A lot of my homeschool friends are appalled that I have never heard of Uncle Charlie! :)