Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Critical Thinking Co. ~ TOS Review

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received Language Smarts Level C from the Critical Thinking Co. to use and review. It is a 320 page book that sells for $39.95. Each family only needs ONE book because you are given permission to reproduce the student pages for use within ONE home or ONE classroom. This is a big plus to this home educating Momma, because it means I can purchase this book one time and use it with ALL my children. This book can be used as a core curriculum or as a supplemental resource. Language Smarts meets state Language Arts standards. Here is a partial description directly from their website. To see the entire description, please click here.

This 320 page book teaches the language arts concepts and skills students are expected to know in second grade. It also introduces several skills and concepts normally taught in third grade. This fun, mind building book teaches standards-based language arts and develops critical thinking skills. Language Smarts™ can serve as a core curriculum for language arts or as a supplemental resource. Empower your child's mind as you improve their vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, reading, and writing skills.

Teaching and practicing language arts skills and concepts has never been easier! No lesson preparation needed! Each section introduces a specific topic, followed by appropriate practice and application activities. These engaging and colorful lessons develop critical thinking and language arts skills through a variety of activities and different genres: Common Phrases, Palindromes, Pangrams, Mnemonics, Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Folk Tales (Fairy Tales and Fables), Fiction, Non-fiction, Reality, Fantasy, Rhyme, Riddle, and Word Play.
So far, my two oldest children (2nd graders) have done pages 1-17, and we plan to continue working our way through the remainder of this book. The activities are fun and challenging.

If you'd like to see some sample pages from Language Smarts, Level C, please click here.

Some TOS Crew members received this book for review, while other members received Balance Benders Beginning Level. You can read reviews about both of these products from The Critical Thinking Co. by checking out the TOS Crew's Blog.

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