Monday, March 29, 2010

Preparing Our Hearts

Last year, I won a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones from Kristi's wonderful blog! This beautiful book quickly became one of my FAVORITES! I know, it's sold in the children's section of every Christian bookstore, but it is truly a treasure for adults too. I decided to pull this book off our shelf again today to help prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christ's Resurrection. We read pages 286-317. Here is one of my favorite sections we read today:

But this is how God will rescue the whole world. My life will break and God's broken world will mend. My heart will tear apart - and your hearts will heal. Just as the passover lamb died, so now I will die instead of you. My blood will wash away all of your sins. And you'll be clean on the inside - in your hearts (292).

Isn't the language poetic and absolutely beautiful? I planned on reading only one section today, but my children begged for me to keep reading. They love this beautiful book as much as their Momma.

My 7-year-old daughter made our "Box of Repentance" this weekend. We began using it today. It was absolutely precious to see my youngest (who will be five tomorrow) come up to me and ask me to help her write down a sin in her life she is sorry for, and would like to repent of.

Today, we also watched one of our favorite Donut Man DVDs, "The Resurrection Celebration." Do you know the Donut Man? If you have young children, you really should know the Donut Man! We love him, and have for a long time!

What are you doing to help prepare your family's hearts during what we often call "Holy Week?" We are talking a lot about Christ's sufferings and sacrifices, and the price He paid for us to have forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. We are trying real hard to get rid of the dirt in our lives so we can be closer to Him. Here's one more quote from the Jesus Storybook Bible again:

'If you don't let me wash away the dirt, Peter,' Jesus said, 'you can't be close to me' (288).

Will you please let Jesus wash away your dirt (your sin). He wants to be close to you.


Stephanie said...

I just bought the "Jesus Storybook Bible" we just love it. I love the way she writes. We also take the two weeks before easter and go through the "Passion Hymns for a Kids Heart" book. I love that my kids are learning hymns and they enjoy singing along and reading the stories together. Not to mention that it just puts a spot light on what is truely important during this season. Thanks for sharing your Easter traditions with us, I love to read what others are doing this time of year. Enjoy this week of worship and praise.

Kristi Stephens said...

I'm SO GLAD you love it as much as we do - what a beautiful book! We read the story of the Passover and also the Last Supper on Tuesday night and then washed each other's feet! It was such a precious time!

We have a box of repentances, too - burning it tomorrow.