Friday, October 30, 2009

Lesson Plans for Week #12 (11/2)

This is what my older two children will be working on this week.

  • Jesus Storybook Bible
  • Review AWANA verses
  • Family Worship
Math - Living Math Activities
A couple weeks ago, I came across this great site called Jimmie's Collage. From Jimmie's collage, I found over 100 different squidoo lenses where she has shared various lessons she has implemented into her homeschool curriculum. I found a lot of inspiration, encouragement and direction from her "Transitioning to Living Math"Squidoo page. I am very thankful for homeschool moms who take the time to take pictures, write, and share their creativity with others in the homeschool community. I found Jimmie over at the Heart of the Matter Forum. From the forum, she shared her blog address in her signature line. From her blog, I found the link to her Squidoo lenses. So, it might be a great blessing if you would take the time to CONNECT with others over at The Heart of the Matter's forum.

  • Measuring in inches
  • place value (I found a fun place value activity here)
  • adding 10 to a number
  • Telling Time (to the hour and half hour)
  • Read "Just a Minute!"

Social Studies
  • Giovanni Da Verrazano, and Jacques Cartier
  • make hard tack (one of the sailors' main foods)
  • I have gotten too relaxed on oral narration when it comes to our Social Studies and our Science lessons. This week, I promise to do a better job!

  • studying light, layers of the earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the atmosphere

Language Arts
  • Copywork - I'm going to start using the children's AWANAverses for their weekly copywork assignments. I want them to truly learn the scripture; not just say it once in their Sparks class and then forget about it.
  • Spelling - just received a new product to review from the TOSCrew called All About Spelling.
  • Silent Reading
  • Creative Expression - children will begin writing a new play
  • This week's poem is "The Kind Moon" by Sara Teasdale. We read the poem a few times, and the children will choose one of their favorite lines of the poem to copy and then illustrate it.
  • Read-Aloud - hoping to start "Peter Pan" this week. The children aren't excited about it. They think since they've watched two different versions of the movie that the book will be boring. i think they're in for a pleasant surprise!
  • Still Life portrait

Composer Study
  • Still studying Mozart.
Nature Walk
  • We are praying for more sunshine and NO rain this week. We want to go leaf and pinecone hunting. Our idea is to gather enough to make a fall wreath of our very own!

This is what my preschooler will be doing this week.

Working on matching uppercase with lowercase letters, and putting letters in abc order.
Identifying numbers, counting, calendar time, and putting numbers in order.
She joins us for read-alouds, fun fall activities, art, and Bible time.

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