Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Virginia Soaps and Scents ~ TOS Review

Virginia Soaps and Scents started with a family studying history. One of the activities of their history lesson was to make soap. They never knew that this one unit study would lead them down the road to create their very own business! This is a great testimony of a homeschool family catching the entrepreneurial spirit and going for it!

As a member of the TOS Crew, I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to try some of VSS's products. I got to try one shampoo bar, 3 bars of soap, and a sample of their laundry soap that made half a gallon.

When I saw the shampoo bar in the package, I was curious, but quite skeptical. I have A LOT of hair. It is thick and has A LOT of body. I didn't see how it could possibly clean my hair thoroughly. Also, the thought of NOT using conditioner frightened me. But, in order to give this product a good, honest review, I was willing to take some risks.

I have been using the shampoo bar exclusively for the past three weeks. I really, really like it! I highly recommend it. My hair looks and feels healthier. I have very coarse hair, and my hair is much softer after using this product. I plan on our entire family using this product. The shampoo bars come in three different fragrances, and there's also a bar for oily hair if you need that. The bars are 5.5 ounces and sell for $5.50 a piece, of 2 for $10.00. Click HERE if you'd like to learn more about the shampoo bar.

I put out a bar of soap in our master bathroom. My husband noticed it and started using it. The first time he used it he said, "Wow! Where did this soap come from? I didn't know soap could make your hands feel so good!" When you wash your hands with one of these bars of soap, it really is like washing your hands AND putting on lotion. My husband cannot stand to put on lotion because he can't tolerate the greasiness and the way it feels, so this soap is perfect and has arrived just in time for the cold, dry winter season! There are 6 scents available in these bars of soap, and they are 6.5 ounces. They sell for $4.50 each or 3 for $12.00. Click HERE if you'd like to learn more about these wonderful, moisturizing bars of soap.

The laundry soap was something I was very interested in trying. I've thought about making my own laundry soap for a long time now, but just never got around to it. Virginia Soaps and Scents makes it incredibly easy for you. You can buy a kit from them with everything premeasured, or you can simply buy a cleaning bar of soap from them, and purchase your own borax and washing soda. The kits are sold for $4.95 each or 6 for $25.00. If you'd like to simply purchase the bar of soap, they are only $3.95. The first time my husband washed a load of laundry and used this stuff he was skeptical. He said, "Honey, I don't think this stuff is going to work, because I don't see any suds!" So, thankfully I had read the letter that was included in my box of products that explained why suds will not be found in your washing machine. The Spargur family said, "We put no coconut oil in this product as suds don't actually wash the clothes, but they can be difficult to rinse out and the residue from the suds left in fabrics can cause many skin issues." To read more about their laundry soap, click HERE.

Overall, I am 100% satisfied with everything I tried from Virginia Soaps & Scents. I am still a little freaked out that I no longer put conditioner on my hair, or see suds in my washing machine, but I believe our family is getting closer to living healthier lives by removing more and more chemicals from our household.

Please check out this wonderful family owned business today! They offer more products than I received to review. Their products would make great Christmas gifts!

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