Monday, September 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 7

Monday - Dinner at friend's house

Tuesday - Grilled chicken, potatoes, and salad

Wednesday - Pasta Bake, salad, and homemade french bread

Thursday - Taco Night

Friday - Grilled Salmon, rice, and broccoli

Saturday - Homemade Pizza

Sunday - Leftovers


Ammy said...

So are you sandwich people for lunch? I'm trying to really cut down on eating out. Kelly works nights, so our big meal is the noon meal. So I need to figure out quick and cheap ideas for me and the kiddos at night.

Nikki said...

Ammy, we eat leftovers or sandwiches pretty much everyday for lunch. In the winter, we eat a lot of soup. Sometimes we do mac and cheese or ravioli too:)