Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine ~ TOS Review

As a member of the TOS Crew, I was given two complimentary issues of Nature Friend Magazine. The magazine's subtitle is, "Helping Families Explore the Wonders of God's Creation." This is a Christian magazine, so you will not find any evolution talk in this resource. My family enjoys exploring nature, and I knew right away this publication would be something we would love!

The photography is amazing. We've tried some nature photography as a family before, and let me just say we are NOT very good at it. You need to have the right camera, lighting, and patience...lots of patience! Below is a collage of pictures my 6-year-old took after looking at some of the nature photography in Nature Friend Magazine.

My children enjoyed the page that is called, "Invisibles." The page has small hidden objects in a bigger picture. We like to do it together and see who can find the hidden objects first.

Each issue also has a section called, "You Can Draw..." One thing we like to do while we study nature is to get out and draw what we see in nature. The August issue walked you through how to draw a sunflower, and we had a lot of fun looking at sunflowers, reading about sunflowers, and using Nature Friend magazine to walk us through how to draw a sunflower.

When you order this magazine you are given two options. You can order the magazine by itself, or you can also order a study guide that comes as an insert in your magazine. Actually the insert looks like it is part of the magazine. The study guide has crossword puzzles, fill-in-the blank activities, true or false questions, ideas for deeper research on topics, writing inspirations, and photo critiques to help you become a better nature photographer. The study guide is designed to help you and your family further your study about the various articles written in each magazine.

My children are ages 4, 6, and 8. Each of them enjoyed looking through the magazine. As a family, we enjoyed reading the articles, and doing some of the activities together.

Click here if you're interested in subscribing today. A one year subscription (12 issues) is $36.00. To add a study guide to your subscription, it is only $2/issue ($24.00/year).
Maybe you'd like to receive a sample issue. Click here to read how you can receive a sample issue for just $5.00. If you like what you see, the $5.00 you spent on your sample issue will be deducted from your subscription price!

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Lori said...

I have to track my issues down before I write my review. They disappeared quickly in this house! Glad to know you guys enjoyed them as well. :-D