Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

Max Lucado's new release "Fearless" challenges us from the very front cover in the subtitle - "imagine your life without fear." Can you? Can you imagine your life without fear? Max Lucado will show you in God's Word how living a fearless life is not something to merely imagine, but rather something to experience.

"Fearless" is full of scripture to remind us of Jesus' frequent command to fear not, take courage, and to not worry. I thoroughly enjoy Lucado's ability to take truth from scripture and challenge me and show me how to APPLY it to my life TODAY!

Would you like to stop imagining how it would feel to live a fearless life? Dig into God's Word, read "Fearless and start experiencing the freedom that comes with living fearlessly! Fear cripples us from living the life God desires. Faith transforms us into courageous warriors for His glory! We live in a world filled with fears of sickness, disease, financial crises, terrorism, and the list could go on! Lucado's book is an instrument God can use to turn people's hearts away from fear and to Him.

Trust God and fear less!

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