Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WeE-book Review

I was given the opportunity to download three WeE-books from TOS's Magazine's Schoolhouse Store. I chose Simplifying Classical Education by Andrea Newitt , Writer's Workshop by Maggie Hogan, and Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking by Dr. Ruth Beechick.

These weE-books are well worth the $1.95 for each download. Honestly, it was difficult to choose ONLY three. I have compiled a list of other books I will be downloading very soon!

I appreciated the wealth of information wrapped in a well written and concise package. Let's face it, homeschool families often do not have a lot of extra time to read hundreds and hundreds of pages. This entire line of WeE-books contains a wealth of information that is sure to support, encourage, and inspire a busy homeschool parent!

Please take a moment to go and check out all 30 of the WeE-books sold at the Schoolhouse Store. I'm sure you'll find a few you simply must read!

Click HERE to find a coupon code. If you buy 5 weE-books you will get 3 FREE!!! Hurry, this coupon expires April 2nd!

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