Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am thankful for The Heart of the Matter Online. I receive a lot of great encouragement and ideas from this wonderful homeschool website. A couple weeks ago I read this article about how to use dioramas as a creative way for a child to narrate a story, book, history lesson, etc...

I allowed the children to choose any Read-Aloud book we've read this year, or subject we've covered in our Time Traveler or World Geography book. My daughter chose to make a diorama about "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. My son chose "Henry Huggins" by Beverly Cleary.

These projects were a lot of fun. The children enjoyed doing this very much. It was fun for me to sit back and watch their creativity. My daughter used rubber bands to make the barnyard fence. She turned a wooden star into a sun. My son cut out windows, and attached his sun to the outside, and placed it so it could be seen shining through the window. He also used some flat glass marbles to be the jars that surrounded Henry's room in chapter 2 of the book when Henry's room was consumed by gallons of guppies.

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Bro. Heath said...

They did so awesome. I want to make one.