Friday, March 20, 2009

E-book Review

When I first saw the title of this book, HomeWork, Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance, it really turned me off. I couldn't imagine how anyone could keep a home, homeschool, AND work from home! And if they did, they’re probably too perfect for me to relate to. Seriously, how can these families do it all?

I have to say, my attitude changed quickly. Actually my attitude changed while reading the prologue when my question, “How do they do it all?” was answered in this way, “We D-O-N-T!” Ahhhhh… refreshing honesty. Maybe I will like this book after all!

The types of HomeWork (home-based businesses) shared in this e-book are divided into four categories: A Labor of Love, Computer Based, Creative Writing, and Business Support.

I enjoyed learning how each family balances it all. If a certain business interests you, you can look into it further.  The Appendix at the end of the book lists numerous resources to help send you in the right direction. An entire chapter is devoted to “Tricks of the Trade” to help you think through all the details involved in a home-based business.

Some families choose HomeWork simply to have “fun” money, or to help make ends meet, while others have chosen this path to bring Dad home so the family can be together more.

I especially enjoyed reading about the families who truly work together in their home based businesses. The children learn about something I believe is beginning to fade away in our society…WORK ETHIC! Many of the families see their HomeWork helping them fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:16-20).

After reading the first testimony, an idea popped into my head I’m considering for our family. I love how one mother in the e-book put it, “The lines between home business and home education are blurred in our home. One just naturally spills over into the other and the results have been incredible to behold” (62).

Go purchase this e-book today! Maybe you'll get inspired to start doing a little HomeWork too! Take some time and browse the entire Old Schoolhouse Store.


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