Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bad Day?

Our first two children are only 15 months apart in age. I think my husband was quite concerned about having to leave me alone with the two babies. He would call me periodically throughout the day. He would often ask me the same question: "Are you having a bad day?" I would normally respond, "Nope, not a bad day, just a few bad moments."

I had a choice. I could keep my focus on those bad moments and allow them to turn into bad days, or I could focus on all the wonderful moments we were enjoying during our days.

Now we have three children (ages 5, 4, and 2). Sometimes we still experience bad moments, but I try to never say we're having a bad day. I get plenty of hugs, kisses, and hear, "I love you" enough to counterbalance the bad moments!

I would like to encourage you precious mother, to not allow your bad moments turn into bad days. Find a little one to hug or play with and the memory of the bad moment will quickly fade away!


Amberly said...

Great point! I enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be back to visit! :)

Totallyscrappy said...

Phew, what a day yesterday was! Let's just say that one of my children had some bad moments- a string of them, really.
Thank you for helping me keep it in perspective!

Nikki said...

oh yes, some days definitely have more "moments" than others:-)

Christine said...

Nikki, I think I've been letting the bad moments get me down! Our last 2 are 16 months apart and the youngest has colic, so things are tough. Thanks for this post- it really got my attention.

Amy said...

I couldn't agree more! And what a sweet guy your husband is for calling to make sure you are doing ok.