Monday, July 9, 2007

We Can Walk to Church!!!!

As you can see from the picture, we live right next door to our new church! The very first thing, my son said when we pulled in the driveway the first time was, "Wow, Mom! We won't even have to drive to church, we can walk!"

We've been here for almost two months. I am enjoying not having to buckle three children into their carseats in order to get to church. We literally walk across the yard and right into the church's doors!

Heath gets to come home everyday for lunch! That's always a nice break in our day! When we're playing out in the yard, he can stick his head out of his office window and say "hello" to us.

The entire time we've been married, Heath has worked various secular jobs and ministry positions. As well as attended college and seminary. Now, he is a full-time sole pastor in a small rural church. We are getting more family time than ever. No more reading hundreds of pages, no more research, no more studying for exams, no more commuting back and forth to seminary! I kept reminding myself for almost 8 years, "this will not last forever." And, it didn't. We've made it though the undergrad and graduate work. Heath is doing what he loves and is able to be home more with the children and I. Thank you, Lord!!!

Since our arrival to our home right next door to church, we've had several early morning visitors. These visitors are very kind. They drop off newspapers, garden-fresh vegetables, farm-raised pork and beef, fish they caught themselves. Did I forget to mention we live in a farming, rural area! They have all declared they're part of the "welcome wagon." So, I guess one benefit of the pastor living right next door to church, is everyone knows where to find him!!! LOL!!!

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