Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tyler's Prayers

Tyler ALWAYS starts his prayers out the same way! “Dear Jesus, thank you for mom and dad. Thank you that they love each other.” The first few times he did this, it brought tears to my eyes! Parents give their children an incredible gift when they love one another so deeply, that it is evident to their children!

This really blesses my heart, because I can remember being young and having parents who I knew loved me, but their love for one another was not as evident. I believe it is important for children to SEE their parents loving on one another. Also, to HEAR parents say “I love you!” to one another. Sometimes when we’re hanging out around the house, or driving down the road in the car, I will shout out to the children, “Do you guys know how much I love your Daddy!” Sometimes they just smile and giggle. Other times they shout back a big, loud, “YES!”

Another thing Tyler regularly adds to his prayers, ”Jesus, help someone who doesn’t know about you, to know about you.” At such a tender, young age, he has a desire for people to know who Jesus is. How I pray his desire to see the lost saved will grow stronger each passing day!

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tnk94 said...

I liked reading this - my 10 yo ds has for years had part of his daily prayer be: "Help there be more Christians and help us Christians tell more people about you."
It has to be one of the coolest things to hear out of your child's mouth!!