Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Everyday when Daddy returns home, it’s a happy and exciting time. I get to be greeted with a hug and a kiss from my husband, and the children get to have some playtime with their Daddy!

There was a time I would get a little angry or jealous because this often occurs when I’m in the middle of cooking supper. I want to play too (insert pouting face here)! But, I can’t because everyone is starving and ready for supper to be on the table.

One day recently, somehow the children and I got on the subject of when they become parents one day. Kaitlyn was talking about the “thing she’d wear over her face.” Which, she learned the thing you wear over your face is called a veil. She was also talking about the flowers she would carry and the music that would be playing.

Tyler piped in the conversation saying, “Mom, when I’m a grown-up Dad, I will never be too busy for my children when I come home. I will always play with my children. Like wrestle with them, just like my Daddy does. And if I am too busy for them, I will tell them just to wait patiently, and when I’m done being busy, I will play with them.”

Hearing my five-year-old son share how he wants to grow up to be like his Dad, blessed my heart, and changed my attitude. So, from now on, after I get my welcome-home greeting, I will not get angry when he begins playing with the children. I now understand the impact my husband is having on our children’s lives. I know my husband is setting a wonderful example of how to be a great Daddy to our son.

Besides, after 8:00 p.m. - Daddy is all mine!


Bro. Heath said...

I tried getting on my blog, and got yours instead. This one really blessed me. I had forgotten about it, and sometimes I worry that I don't make the impact I need to because of being at work. I'm thankful for your work and love with our children. They're home and ready for me because you've done the hard work during the day of being a stay at home mom and not rushing off to work and away from our little ones. I love you.

Nikki said...

I love you too:-)