Monday, July 7, 2014

Millions Need Clean Water

Clean water is something I take for granted. I take a few steps to one of three sinks in my home, turn the faucet on and clean water comes out. Unfortunately, this is not true for millions in Asia. Women walk several miles from their homes to find the nearest water source, which is often stagnant ponds or dirty rivers. As a result, millions of people in Asia are plagued by waterborne illnesses.

I would like to tell you about my friend Annette. She was burdened by the plight of the millions in Asia living without clean water and she wanted to do something about it. For her 42nd birthday, she set a goal to raise $1,000 to help ONE village in Asia receive a Jesus Well. The Lord took Annette home before she could see her goal reached, but since her passing, people have given enough for 20 Jesus Wells in her memory.  I miss my encouraging friend and tears sting my eyes as I type this, but I KNOW she is with Jesus and she radiantly glorified Him in the way she loved and served. 

The Lord gives us ONE life to live for Him and His glory. When I think about the MILLIONS in Asia without clean water, it is so easy to think I cannot make a difference, but the example of my friend, Annette reminds me just how mighty my God is and how He can use ONE life if we are willing to surrender. 

Gospel for Asia is praying and believing in the Lord to provide the resources to build 5,000 Jesus Wells in 2014. Would you please consider giving? 

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