Friday, August 30, 2013

More Adventures in Illinois & Wisconsin

We have almost been in our new home for five weeks now and we have enjoyed some adventures in our new community and area. One day we visited Rock Cut State Park (see picture below).

The kids enjoyed a day at a local water park with some new friends and can't wait to go back again next summer!

Since we live so close to Wisconsin, Heath decided to drive just 17 miles north to go eat lunch at a darling place called The Little Bistro in Beloit. We also picked up some cheese curds while visiting the dairy state, and of course someone had to get their picture taken with this Wisconsin badger.

The Rockford Park District is really great. We have enjoyed walking, hiking, running, and biking along the many trails in our area.

We were invited to go on a boat ride on Rock River and the children even got to drive. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to know new friends better and getting to see the beautiful scenery around Rock River.

We have also enjoyed eating pizza with new friends, swimming in a friend's pool, trying out new ice cream  and coffee shops in our area. I have more to share about a visit to a local children's discovery center museum, but that will have to be an entirely new post.

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