Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Widows Struggle to Survive

Widows in South Asia are often blamed for the deaths of their husbands, abandoned by family, and left struggling to survive. Widows often turn to either begging, digging through trash for food, or prostitution to support themselves and any children they may have. Widows in South Asia are left in a desperate and hopeless situation, but you have the opportunity to give them hope and help them rise above their devastating circumstances by supporting a Gospel for Asia woman missionary. In this culture, it is crucial for women to reach out and minister to other women, especially these widows. Gospel for Asia has trained women and many are on the field serving now, but still awaiting sponsorship. Will you please sponsor one of Gospel for Asia's Women missionaries so they can reach out and minister to the widows who desperately need the hope, love, and peace found in Jesus Christ alone.

Please click here to read one widow's story and how a Gospel for Asia missionary ministered to her during her great time of need.

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