Monday, March 18, 2013

Drama Class Fun

My youngest daughter recently chose to enroll in a drama class and she had so much fun. For a few weeks she went to class and learned folk songs and folk tales and how to act them out. On the last day of class, they held a special performance. They sang a few folk songs and then acted out three separate folk tales. Lauren played the part of a sleeping momma sheep and she shined! The drama teachers are going to take  a short break while their son plays some soccer this spring, but hope to start up another class very soon and I do believe Lauren will want to enroll again. The day of the performance, I just couldn't take my eyes of my youngest child. She was so happy and her smile never left her face. I love babies and toddlers, but I am also loving this stage of parenting as I watch all three of my children find their interests and talents. So far we have a drummer, a pianist and poet, and now an actress.

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