Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boy Bakes Cake and Girl Bakes Cookies

Kaitlyn is usually the baker in our home, but recently Tyler and Lauren tried on their baking hats as well. Lauren wanted to make some pinwheel cookies and Tyler wanted to enter a cake into the men's cake bake off contest at our church's Super Bowl party.

When Lauren showed me the cookie recipe she had chosen I was very hesitant because they looked difficult. Actually they weren't difficult, but they were time consuming since the dough requires a good amount of chilling. She was so pleased with the results and excited to share her cookies with her family.

Since I am a woman, I was not allowed to help Tyler with his cake, but his dad could. Tyler decided to do a chocolate cake and chop up Reese's Peanut Butter cups and add it to the cake batter before baking. He then iced the cake in chocolate frosting and his dad helped him with the white decorator icing and he added some M&M candies over the words. Tyler didn't win a prize, but he was still excited to participate in the men's cake bake off.

How do you get your kids cookin' in the kitchen? Do you have any favorite recipes or websites for kid-friendly recipes?

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