Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Week for Birds and Basketball

We slowed things down quite a bit the month of December, took a nice 11 day Christmas break, eased back into our school routine last week, and this week we did a full 5-day school week. Wowsers! I never thought the week would end. We had a good week, but I remember thinking on Tuesday that it surely had to be Thursday! 

On Monday, all three children were due for a math test. Kaitlyn thought Cody might help her out, and Lauren insisted on taking her test mounted high upon a kitchen bar stool. Tyler and Kaitlyn began their Easy Grammar lessons this week and Lauren also started "English for the Thoughtful Child." Kaitlyn was also excited about starting up with her piano lessons this week, after having a couple weeks off so her teacher could enjoy the holidays. 

This week we wrapped up our science unit, which means we'll be shifting back to our history studies next week. The children thought it was fun to squeeze an egg as hard as they could in the palm of their hand and watch it....wait a minute...they didn't break! God's amazing creation is evident once again. How else could mommy birds incubate their eggs if they broke easily. Well, eggs break easily, but not when pressure is applied evenly.

We love taking our Christmas tree out and propping it up against a lilac bush to give the birdies some cover and protection during the winter months. We made sure our nearby bird feeder was full and we also made homemade bird feeders using toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and of course, bird seed. So simple and fun!

We had a nice day of sunshine on Thursday, so we got outdoors and played some basketball together. I would just like to share that if you were on my team you won each game. It was kind of chilly out playing, but it was fun to be out in the sunshine and get in a little fun exercise. When we were done, I had the children do some shuffles and walking lunges because I'm mean like that.

How was your week? I'm linking up once again with Collage Friday, hosted by Homegrown Learners. 

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Jessica said...

My girls love basketball! They love that if they are feeling cooped up they can go shoot some hoops in our street. Thankfully the weather is cooperating!