Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

The past week was an off week for us. It started out with me not feeling well on Tuesday, but feeling better on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and then getting hit with a fever Friday night and all day Saturday. Somehow in the midst of all the yuckiness I was dealing with, we managed to do some fun things and keep the learning rolling as well.

My kids enjoy being in the kitchen with me. The girls made their own pizzas one night and enjoyed decorating the snowman cupcakes to share with their AWANA friends. 

On Tuesday morning (before I started feeling bad) I took Tyler out for breakfast. I always enjoy spending one-on-one time with my kids.

A couple days this week, my girls got out some of my kitchen things to pretend they were on a cooking show. I truly enjoyed watching them play because I was suddenly hit with the realization that there may not be many more years of this type of pretend playing going on in my home. My kids are growing up too quickly.

I told Tyler I'd take him to visit a pet shop on Tuesday morning, but when we arrived at 9am, they weren't open, so I promised I'd return later in the week and bring his sisters as well. We were able to squeeze this outing in on Thursday afternoon. We also visited Sonic to get happy hour sodas, and a trip to the library as well. It was a fun afternoon.

Kaitlyn got a Kindle for Christmas and she has become a total e-book snob. She sat in the library reading from her Kindle while her brother and sister loaded up on "real" books.

Even though I did spend the majority of the week not feeling 100%, we did manage to get in some reading, writing, and math everyday. The kids piled in bed with me while I read our history lessons. I am very thankful for how homeschooling can be flexible to meet our needs at any given moment. I sit here late on a Sunday afternoon and I haven't even looked at my planner for next week. This is the first time in 48 hours I have felt like sitting up long enough to do much of anything. So, we will start out our Monday morning with our normal chores (there always seems to be more chores on Mondays around here). I will send the children off to do some independent activities while I sit down with my planner and plan (as best I can) our learning for the week.

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Leah C said...

Sorry to see you weren't feeling well, but it still looks like a good week. I love the snowman cupcakes!