Monday, November 12, 2012

Spa Birthday Party Fun!

For Kaitlyn's 10th birthday she wanted to have a spa party. We searched on Pinterest and found a lot of great ideas. We made our own invitations and sent them out three weeks in advance, put together these simple and fun goodie bags filled with lotion, lip gloss, and nail polish, and we made our own Oreo pops and cookies and cream cupcakes.  We also found some cute and free printable place cards.

The Oreo pops looked so cute as cupcake toppers, but as the cake began to come to room temperature, the Oreo pops began to fall over. If I ever do this again I will try finding shorter sucker sticks or simply keep the Oreo pops and cake separate. A friend of mine suggested using a harder icing to help hold the sticks in place as well. This particular cake is topped with homemade whipped topping and it simply wasn't strong enough to act as a "glue" to hold the Oreo pop in place, but I really liked the idea of a cookies and cream cake paired with the Oreo pops.

We had three spa stations which included places for the girls to enjoy a manicure, pedicure, and a facial. We purchased three black dishpans for around $2.00 each and some inexpensive bath salts, some fun nail polishes, and sliced up some cucumbers for the eyes. I cannot stress to you enough how incredibly simple this was and the girls all thought it was fun and special to celebrate a birthday in this way.

In our family the children are allowed to have friend parties every other year. We have enjoyed some fun parties this year, but I am looking forward to keeping things a little more low key in 2013. How about you? Do your children have friend parties every year?


21st birthday celebration ideas said...

Nice idea for the spa birthday party, it is really fun for girls.

Drew Watts said...

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