Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Women Teaching Women to Read

The illiteracy rate in Southern Asia is unbelievably high. Education is the key to unlocking opportunities to better provide for families, but it is also the key to being able to study God's Word independently. In western countries, we take education for granted, but in many Asian countries, education is not available to everyone. The poor and women are often denied an education.

Gospel for Asia is helping to change this harsh reality for many women. They have developed a women's literacy program.  When you give to the women's literacy program, 100% of your donation goes directly to the mission field to help women teach women how to read.

This short (3 minute) video is one woman's story about what it was like growing up poor and not learning to read, how Gospel for Asia has helped her learn to read, and how her life has changed.

If you are thankful for your education and ability to read, please consider giving to Gospel for Asia's women's literacy program so you can help give a woman the opportunity to learn how to read. 

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