Friday, September 21, 2012

A Glimpse Into Week #6

In spite of sore throats, headaches, and fevers, we still managed to have a nice week of learning around here. I am so thankful for how you can take a more relaxed pace when sickness visits your home and yet still manage to make progress in your learning. 

The older two children are reading Freedom Train and will finish it up next week. My youngest child read A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman and did her very first timeline sheet and did a very nice job. I love Jimmie's Squidoo lense about timelines and I finally tracked down the source of the great timeline page offered by 

Since my children are reading about the Civil War, I decided to read Gone With The Wind again. I read it in high school and it is still one of my all-time favorite books. However, as an adult, I am definitely picking up on a lot more things the second time through. Are you ever drawn to read books which line up with the time period you are teaching your children? 

On Thursday afternoon (because no one was running a fever that day), we took the time to visit a local state park. This place is absolutely beautiful. We love climbing on the rocks, walking the trails, flying kites, and playing on the various playgrounds throughout the park. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure we're going to be seeing some vibrant fall colors very soon.

While at the park, we saw a toad and a snake. My son identified them as an American toad and a common garter snake. He is seriously a walking animal encyclopedia. All these years of doing simple nature studies have paid off. I learned about nature studies from reading about Charlotte Mason's methods in For the Children's Sake when my kids were just little ones.

We squeezed in a couple P.E. lessons this week and the children enjoyed playing "monkey in the middle." Do you remember that game from childhood? I had such a fun time watching them play.

The weekend is upon us and I have a couple kids just starting to come down with the virus their little sister had earlier in the week. So, we will be taking things slow and easy around here and pray for healthier and stronger kiddos for week #7 of our school year.

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Mary Prather said...

Thanks for linking, Nikki!

Yes -- I am inspired to read in the time period my kids are studying. I just started The Wives of Henry VIII because I think it's such an interesting era. To me, this is one of the best things about homeschooling: learning right alongside my children.

Looks like a great week for your three!

Stephanie @ Harrington Harmonies said...

Nikki, what a lovely start, yes gentle like mine. Sounds like we were both sick. I do like to study or read something of what I am covering with my kids. For example right now I am working through Anatomy as me and my son are working on health and human medicine. It give me background and spills over. I will follow you as well,

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, yikes! Is everyone feeling better now? It seems that this time o year is a germy one around here too!

The Civil War is an interesting part of our history. Do you do lapbooks? Homeschool Share has a thorough Civil War lapbook (free). My kids enjoyed doing it a few years ago.

thanks for stopping by Our Side!

Nikki said...

Thank you for the civil war lapbook idea. I will look into it.
We lapbooked our way through "The Little House" series last year and mainly used free lapbooks I found at homeschool share. I love that site. It is such a blessing.